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Join Spolry and Earn: CashBack+

Every time you earn cash back every time a merchant's task order is completed through  You control how Spolry works, what it builds next, even what profit it makes. Because this is WEB 3.0.


Joining Our Community Is Easy:

1. Sign up

2. Complete the order task

3. Earn Cashback

Control what does next!


Not Just Another Cashback Site

Typical cashback sites like Rakutan and Honey save you money by sharing the commission you earn when you shop on their site.  Spolry works completely differently - its most important function is to help merchants increase their exposure. has the ability to pay you a higher percentage of the commission. And as a Spolry member, you can earn commissions in a number of ways.

You can increase your cash back by paying a deposit or promoting!

Cashback   1.0

Earn cashback on your purchases. Make profit for Rakutan and PayPal

Cashback+ web 3.0

Use Spolry Plus or invite friends to Use Spolry Plus to increase your cashback,make money for yourself.

Spolry is Web 3.0

Spolry is the first of the new Web 3.0 projects.

Spolry is taking full advantage of the best resources the world has to offer and transforming its mode of operation from private ownership to community ownership.

We can completely eliminate profits and optimize to ensure that everything is priced in a break-even way, rather than profit through optimization——providing wide exposure for merchants to offer group deals to provide consumers with the lowest possible prices, providing better employment opportunities for ordinary people, and committed to helping ordinary people succeed.

Join Our Community

Like this idea, join our community!

Save Money

Don’t like this idea – that’s OK! You can still save money. You still get industry leading cash back!

How Does Spolry Work?

Spolry gets you cashback by harnessing the purchasing power of our community.

Sign Up!

It all starts with signing up!

Learn about spolry and use the.

Learn how to earn cash returns through Spolry

Collective Buying Power

Spolry can show major brands the power of its large community.

This earns us all affiliate marketing fees.

Help merchants increase their exposure

Earn the commission given by the merchant.

Complete a order - earn cash

When you are completing an order issued by any of our partners.

You will get a cash return!


You will receive a cash return each time you complete the order.

In addition, you can also make suggestions according to your own ideas!

Community Led Commodity Businesses & Web 3.0

For those who want to dive into the details of community led businesses like, please visit our founders blog posts below. If you just want the short version, read on!


Evolving Commodity Businesses Toward Community Leadership – SAIDULIN DARYN, CEO

When a business becomes community run, it converts profit potential into people potential. The result is a cooperative organization that evolves commodity businesses (like Rakutan, Amazon, Google, Facebook, Netflix, Instagram, etc…) and reimagines them as community led resources. By removing the requirement for founder and investor profits, these community businesses can provide very similar services AND slash profits – in order to slash prices, and improve everyday lives.


Given a pre-existing template (in our case, Rakutan), these cooperatives can mimic effective commodity business without having to worry about the bottom line; and evolve in healthier directions.

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About us

We are a shopping rebate platform for web3.0 community governance created by Capital One Financial Corps.

Our partners include Amazon, ebay, Wal-Mart, Best Buy and other large shopping platforms.

The company's business covers Amsterdam, Mexico, France, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Italy, Thailand, Russia, Mumbai, Brazil, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Ireland, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Iraq, Sweden and more than 90 countries.


Join our Community. Learn to save and help others get more for their Dollar.

I used to shop through Rakutan but then I found Spolry. I get the same cashback and I love the community – so I shop at Spolry now!

Mary Ellen Wagner

When you innovate, you make mistakes. Spolry Cashback+ is no mistake! It works.

Robert Planter

It takes about 30 seconds more to shop through Spolry – but I save money every time. No Brainer!

Agnes Irwin